Trust and Estate Planning

Family Offices cooperate closely with experts in the trust and estate profession to be able to identify cross-border issues. The purpose of our Trust & Estate Planning Competence Group is to provide a focus for with any of the planning, creation, management of and accounting for trusts and estates, executorship administration, and related taxes.

Fostering discussion of aspects of tax, accounting, administration statute and case law that are of general concern is another important component of this Competence Group. Furthermore, advanced training and learning and to promote the practical aspects of cross-border trust and estate planning and administration is provided.

Succession Planning

Affluent families need to plan ahead to ensure continuity of their business legacies. This Divitias Competence Group consists of experts in succession planning for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families. The focus is not necessarily on taxation and legal matters, but also on aspects of communication, of defining a family constitution, of sourcing external CEOs for family companies, on exchanging practicable concepts of handling internal family matters for the benefit of coming generations.

Communication and mediation are key to ensure smooth transitions. External experts with a known track record bring in their knowledge to guarantee the right solution for successful succession planning.

Start-up / Seed Investing

Family Offices and their clients often support young entrepreneurs and their start-ups. Weather through angel investing or through seed investing, this Competence Group serves as centre of know how. We specialise in sourcing the best advice for start-ups following their foundation, especially on financing rounds, employee participation plans, exits and IP rights.

This Competence Group covers the following fields: legal structure (corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship); Preliminary review and consulting on IP rights (trademarks, copyrights, company name protection etc.); Development and examination of constitutive documents (articles of association, organisational regulations, shareholders’ agreements etc.); Advice on all types of financing (equity, debt, mezzanine), Assistance and coordination of due diligences, Exits (trade sale, IPO, licensing), Advice on due diligence and negotiations, Employee participation plans, shares, options, phantom stock, stock appreciation rights.

Reporting & Compliance / Corporate Governance

Reporting and Compliance are essential parts of the daily business of Family Offices, both for their respective clients as well as for regulatory purposes. In this Competence Group, participants keep themselves updated with the latest technologies, tools and solutions for adequate reporting. In a constantly changing legal environment, KYC and compliance are vital to all family offices to uphold fully compliant status of their operations. A continuous dialogue between members of this Competence Group facilitates the capacity to understand trends, developments and their implementation.

A fitness for purpose of all compliance requirements for family offices is the desired objective of this Divitias Group. Forensic, fraud and investigative components are also shared between members. Additionally, Corporate Governance Codices (CDC) developed on an international level are an important instrument to safeguard compliance of companies with applicable laws and regulations for the benefit of their stakeholders.

Relocation, Residency and Mobility Services

The international mobility of the wealthy and their assets, looking for countries that offer financial security, lower taxation, good educational facilities, safe cities, and other amenities, is the core of this Divitias Competence Group. Members of this Competence Group share valuable information and cooperate closely with the best experts globally in the fields of: residency and relocation services, taxation and legal support, strategic advice, citizenship and naturalization services, investors visas, golden visas.

This Competence Group also covers global mobility services of executives and staff, both for clients of family offices as well as for the firms owned by HNWI’s.

Real Estate and Facility Management

The Competence Group Real Estate and Facility Management consists of Family Offices and leading brokerage and service providers in the area of real estate at large. Both commercial and residential real estate investments, maintenance, but also valuations, and trends are handled for the benefit of international active families. Investment aspects in real estate through SPV’s, funds and corporations are one aspect of this competence group.

The residential part, both for personal use of international families as well as for lending purposes, are the other part. Together with service providers, facility managers, tax and legal advisors, this Competence Group of Divitias is the one stop shop for Family Offices, their clients and everything related to property.

Private Equity

Private Equity has become an indispensable investment aspect for family offices and their clients. The Divitias Private Equity Competence Group supports family offices and their private equity clients with market leading expertise and knowledge across a range of disciplines including the ability to: Execute across all financing structures in coordination with leading experts.

Help clients raise funds for club deals; exchange insights regarding tax and executive compensation and employee benefits advice; Provide comprehensive information encompassing restructuring, governance, antitrust, employment, litigation, and intellectual property.


Managing philanthropy through the family office is an important aspect of family legacies, particularly if there are multiple branches to the family and if they are using a number of charitable vehicles. This Competence Group covers solutions regarding structure and governance of philanthropic entities and activities, understanding and balancing the goals and values of the family. Through the dense networks of professional advisory firms of Divitias, leveraging the strengths of each charity and philanthropy is assured.

The Competence Group enables its members to provide legal, taxation and structural advice for establishing and smoothly running philanthropic projects for greater impact in the community and greater satisfaction for the family. Philanthropy is an excellent avenue through which to explore and build a culture of shared purpose. Philanthropy is the ultimate purchase. It connects you to your values and allows you to positively influence the world for this generation and future generations.

M&A and Corporate Finance

The Divitias M&A Competence Group serves as a point of reference for the following purposes: Use of the Divitias Deal Sharing Platform DSP; Increase awareness of members’ business opportunities in M&A transactions; Share club deals and investment opportunities;  Provide technical support to Divitias members re M&A transactions, and exchange knowledge and experiences; Provide a valuable network of specialist advisors for clients; Increase business referrals between members; Encourage cross-border activity and joint projects between members; and foster interaction with other relevant Divitias Competence Groups.

Lifestyle, Health and Care Services

International clients need comprehensive support all around the globe. This Competence Group of Divitias combines solutions of aircraft, yacht, fleet management, concierge services, anything needed to maintain a luxury lifestyle. It also assists to locate schools, universities, clinics and to identify the most appropriate service providers for UHNWI and their entire families.

Thanks to personal contacts grown over many years, this Competence Group has a far-reaching access to provide lifestyle solutions anywhere in the world.

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