Divitias – Simply Wealth.

The Leading
Family Office

We are a private, invitation-only, collaborative peer-to-peer community of single and multi-family offices worldwide. We enable our members to make better choices, whilst at the same time providing them with clarity and peace of mind knowing they can rely on the leading Family Office Network.
Leading in organisation.
Our board and our team have been involved in the constitution, operation, management and global expansion of more than 6 international networks and member organisations, combining decades of organizational and entrepreneurial experience. Hundreds of international events were organized in different parts of the world, ranging from executive round table meetings to large events with 400+ high level professionals, international speakers and panellists.
Leading in establishing connections.
We are connectors, networkers and rainmakers and pride ourselves on being the first reference to identify the right business partner globally. Our strong backgrounds and personalities stem from the legal, tax, accounting and advisory community worldwide. Over the past years, we have established strong and reliable ties with leaders of several professions and industries. We have introduced business opportunities and concluded international M&A transactions. We are known to connect business leaders and to provide solutions for demanding and globally active clients. Divitias stands for bespoke matchmaking.
Leading in transactional.
The cumulated strength of our various networks and connections is the key to success in transactional business. Through the Divitias Deal Sharing Platform, our members have access to selected M&A and Corporate Finance opportunities coming from leading M&A partners. We understand that family offices worldwide seek global support for their Private Equity investments, M&A transactions and any other corporate involvement. No other family office organisation has the same broad and comprehensive transactional network. Our credentials are based on our connections: Over 14’000 transactions were concluded, representing a cumulative volume of USD 53.2 billion.

Leading in network management experience.

Managing a membership organisation is more than just compiling data or connections. We introduce our members to the right contacts, providing the necessary information, background checks, and beyond. Thanks to our diverse and multifaceted backgrounds, we have established personal contacts with the most suitable professionals, providing the needed solutions. Also, we assist our members in becoming better known throughout our networks and communities. Managing networks is our passion.

What We Offer.

  • We Connect You to Other Family Offices.

    • Individual connection of members
    • Peer-to-Peer contacts
    • Facilitation of exchange with other Family Offices
    • Bespoke Deal-Sharing Platform
  • We Connect You to Other Networks.

    • Global events, conferences, seminars, workshops, roundtables and webinars
    • Access to thoroughly vetted partners
    • Access to professional service providers
    • Access to FIVE worldwide professional networks covering legal, tax, compliance, audit, M&A, private equity, advisory and consulting
  • We Connect You to the Wider World.

    • Exchange of best practices between family offices, financial institutions, service providers, etc
    • Publications
    • Individual Divitias Services

Wealth Creation and Preservation Solutions Across Generations.

Divitias is the leading Family Office Network. But we don’t just network, we connect. Networking is about knowing more people, connecting is about knowing the right people better. We provide the solutions you need.

We inspire you, connect you with a match, and open horizons with target-oriented exposure. We enhance your outreach and enable you to make excellent wealth creation and preservation choices.

Our Expertise

We properly bring together and connect quality, reputable, esteemed family offices.

  • Understanding and serving the needs of our members we cooperate with selected Trusted Partners who offer wealth preservation solutions
  • Peer-to-Peer Networking
  • Shared purpose with combined focus to prosper
  • Challenging Preconceptions
  • Divitias and its networks are providing comprehensive adequate wealth advisory services
  • Knowledge exchange in Competence Groups
  • Active participation in network’s events
  • We assure sustainable and ethical wealth protection