Trusted Partners.

All Trusted Partners of Divitias have gone through a thorough vetting process, based on numerous experiences of our members, management and thousands of international contacts, consisting of lawyers, accountants, consultants, investors and their respective clients. These experiences consist of compounded decades of continuous working relationships with global professional service firm networks. The management of Divitias prides itself with having established directly or indirectly several international networks with aggregate turnovers and transactions exceeding USD 53 billion.

All recommendations are in line and compatibility with the Divitias credo and ethos, following highest standards of service levels and professionalism, paired with innovation and sustainability. All have a high level of trust as the vetting procedures over time have assisted our community of business contacts to crystalize and materialize tangible state of the art results in a broad range of services provided by these Trusted Partners.

Whether it is required to identify an international bank for a complex cross-border transaction, a global reporting solution for several asset management mandates, concierge services, tax, legal accounting advice or an international art banking expert – or simply a reliable luxury real estate agent, air craft fleet manager or firm of relocation experts, Divitias’ Trusted Partners are the hand-selected and vetted choice.

Divitias is able to help members access a broad array of services, as often required by affluent families.