Divitias, the leading family office network.

About Divitias

The leading family
office network.

Divitias combines a broad experience in running family office services, advisory firms and international networks by best using institutionalized and regulated alliances over the past three decades.

Today, the Divitias Family Office Network offers vetted contacts in 130 countries across the globe and relies on 30,000 professionals – no other global family office network has a similar strength. We lead you and connect you with the appropriate peer or trusted partner for the most effective way forward.

Our Ethos

Divitias –
Simply Wealth.
A private, invitation only, collaborative peer-to-peer community of multi and single-family offices worldwide, globally cooperating with trusted service partners: selected banks, law firms, accounting firms, advisory firms, qualified investors and institutional investors. The Leading Family Office Network.


Our members are leading multi and single-family offices from all over the world, dedicated to serve their clients better by relying upon Divitias.


Trusted Partners.

All Trusted Partners of Divitias have gone through a thorough vetting process, based on numerous experiences of our members, management and thousands of international contacts, consisting of lawyers, accountants, consultants, investors and their respective clients.


Competence Groups.

Competence Groups enhance the exchange of information to find better approaches and solutions to clients’ issues.


Our Latest Events.

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