Divitias Governance.

Claudio Cocca.

President of the Board
“Creating new business is my passion; protecting values and connecting people”

Claudio Cocca is a serial entrepreneur, who started his career as an accountant and economist in Zug. He established GGI Global Alliance www.ggi.com in 1995, which today is the largest multidisciplinary network of law firms, accounting firms and consulting firms. The origins of this network formed the basis of the Family Office founded by Claudio: an international platform of reliable professional service providers for demanding clients. He has been instrumental in transnational estate planning for High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals.

Claudio’s activities include several international mandates as consultant to major companies (turn-around, strategic development, corporate communications, financial planning). He was a regulated and fully licensed trustee, approved by the Swiss Ministry of Finance, and has established regulated Funds (Luxembourg) in cooperation with major Banks. Claudio is very active in M&A advisory and in international Real Estate transactions (commercial and private).

He held or holds several selected Board memberships of both national and international companies, including banks, holding companies, trading companies, financial services providers, real estate companies, tourism companies, and consulting. He is also the founder of GCG www.gcg.com a leading global M&A network.

In his free time, he enjoys modern art and is actively involved in a modern art gallery in Austria and one in Switzerland, he loves reading about macro-economic topics, driving classic cars and traveling to meet with new people and to discover new places. Claudio is a member of the Board of the Hayek Institute and has received several awards and distinctions, including some from the Republic of Austria, as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award from the President of the United States. Claudio has been consistently ranked amongst the leaders of the Accounting Industry.

Claudio is a one-of-a-kind, relentless and resilient serial entrepreneur.

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